Storage with Eye to Eye Moving

In need of a reliable and safe storage facility? Eye to Eye Moving can help you store your belongings in storage facilities at locations all over the country. We give you the option of safely storing your most valuable items of almost any size and weight. 

When you want to store your belongings, especially valuables, you want to have peace of mind – you want to be sure your household or business items are in a safe and secure place. This is our job, to keep your belongings protected, and to make you feel good and relaxed! 

Our warehouse storage keeps your belongings clean, secure, protected for as long as you need – Secure Storage at your disposal!

Eye to Eye Moving has one goal – to keep your belongings safe and protected in our storage facilities. 

In our storage warehouse Edmonton the length of storing is flexible. Store your items for as long (or as short) as you wish. Unlike other storage warehouses, we do not require you to sign lengthy contracts for your storage. Whether you only need one month or a one year lease or anything in between, you are good to go. 

Hire Eye to Eye Moving for a long distance move and get Free Month of Storage!

We want to make your move as easy as possible. Our goal is to expand a network of satisfied clients, that’s why one free month of storage is included with every long distance move with Eye to Eye Moving.

We want to make your move as pleasant as possible. The moving process doesn’t have to be stressful and complex. With our moving and storage solutions, you can have a memorable moving experience.